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Juneau runners on mountain snow


Juneau Trail & Road Runners (JTRR) (formally known as Southeast Road Runners - SERR) is a group of dedicated individuals who take advantage of the fantastic natural setting available in Juneau, Alaska to achieve a healthy and positive lifestyle through running. The club strives to represent the entire Juneau running community, young and old, recreational and serious, by organizing races and group runs suitable for a wide spectrum of abilities.


JTRR promotes running by being a peer group, a sounding board, and a central planning center for running 12 months of the year. Running is fun for JTRR members, and we strive to create an invigorating atmosphere that provides goals to keep us motivated year-round.


We hope you enjoy our site, and we welcome any comments, suggestions, photos, or other information of interest to our members.

The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) is the largest national association of community-based running organizations collectively dedicated to growing participation in the sport for all ages and abilities by inspiring people to run through engagement with clubs, events, coaches, and youth programs. From humble beginnings in the late 1950'3, RRCA has grown to represent over 1,000 running clubs and events in the USA.

With the growth has come a plethora of programs and services designed to facilitate club formation, membership growth, and support of grass-roots running. Just a few examples include coaching certification, race director certification, the Runner Friendly Community designation, National Running Awards and Volunteer Recognition.

But perhaps RRCA's most valuable asset is its insurance program, through which running and event clubs can avail themselves of liability and officers & directors coverage.  This becomes very handy when clubs must apply for permits to conduct their events on rights-of-way and property that require indemnification. RRCA has leveraged its club base to negotiate low-cost coverage and take an otherwise show-stopping barrier to conducting races off the table.


Juneau Trail & Road Runners has been an RRCA Member Club for many years. We appreciate our association with this organization and the benefits we have accrued from it.

Intro to JTRR
Road Runners
JTRR Mailing Address

Juneau Trail and Road Runners

PO Box 22203

Juneau, AK 99802

JTRR Officers


Dan Robinson / Keith Levy

Vice President

Keith Levy


Kym Mauseth

Secretary and Webmaster

Alyssa Hobbs

JTRR Committee Leaders


Race Director Coordinator (except for Marathon)

Paul DeSloover


Equipment Manager

David Thomson


NAOC and Race Results Coordinator

Myron Davis

Other JTRR Positions

Membership Coordinator

David Epstein

Juneau Marathon Director

David Epstein

Ben Blackgoat Scholarship

Reed Stoops


Business Docs
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