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Nugget Alaskan Outfitters

Thank you to NAO for their support!

Congratulations to the 2022 NAO Cup winners!

The overall male and female winners get a free pair of running shoes from NAO. First place age-group winners get a coupon for half-price off running shoes or running gear or a $40 NAO gift card. Second place age-group winners get 30% off running shoes or running gear or a $20 gift card. Third place age-group winners get 15% off running shoes or running gear or a $10 NAO gife card. Winners can collect their prices at NAO.

Overall Top Female with 202 total points: Linda Kruger


Overall Top Male with 206 total points: Guy Cockroft


Top Male 0-7 with 59 points: Elias Mason

Second Place with 41 points: Dominic Davis

Third Place (tie) with 36 points: Jet Davis and Orion Davis


Top Female 0-7 with 54 points: Aurora Mason

Second Place Female with 38 points: Isla Taintor


Top 8-10 Male with 49 points: Rowan Taintor


Top Male 11-13 with 81 points: Craig Thorsteinson


Top Female 11-13 with 50 points: Brook Taintor


Top Female 25-29 with 43 points: Sylvi Thorstenson


Top Female 30-34 with 116 points: Danielle Dunivin

Second Place with 63 points: Christy Gentemann


Top Male 35-39 with 91 points: TJ Mason

Second Place with 71 points: Randy Peterson

Third Place with 64 points: Jeremy Hsieh


Top Female 35-39 with 86 points: Heather Parker

Second Place with 50 points: Eliza Dorn

Third Place with 40 points: Suzanne Morris


Top Male 40-44 with 125 points: Quinn Tracy

Second Place with 59 points: Myron Davis

Third Place with 37 points: Shawn Miller


Top Female 40-44 with 98 points: Jennifer Loesch

Second Place with 74 points: Alyssa Hobbs

Third Place with 59 points: Vanessa Gabel


Top Male 45-49 with 48 points: Addison Field

Second Place with 40 points: Hiram Henry


Top Female 45-49 with 45 points: Melissa Anderson

Second Place with 30 points: Jennifer Watson


Top Male 50-54 with 60 points: Gus Marx


Top Female 50-54 with 131 points: Kristin McTague

Second Place with 48 points: Lori Crupi

Third Place with 37 points: Tamala Booton


Top Male 55-59 with 69 points: Jim Ustasiewski

Second Place with 39 points: John Bursell

Third Place with 36 points: Brian McTague


Top Female 55-59 with 66 points: Kym Mauseth

Second Place with 38 points: Jamie Bursell


Top Male 60-64 with 206 points: Guy Cockroft

Second Place with 46 points: John Nagel

Third Place with 26 points: Ray Dwyer


Top Female 60-64 with 29 points: Jan Caulfield

Second Place with 26 points: Susie Norvell


Top Males 65-69 with 30 points (tie): John Kern and Keith Levy


Top Male 70-74 with 100 points: John Eldridge

Second Place with 55 points: Ed Johns


Top Female 70-74 with 202 points: Linda Kruger


Top Male 75-79 with 166 points: Jeff Gnass 

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