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Race Director Information

The race director's kit guidelines provides all the information that is required for directing a race. Please refer to it as needed. If you still have questions, feel free to contact a club officer and we will be happy to provide answers. Click here for the Race Directors Kit Guidelines (updated June 2023).


Click here for a customizable race registration form. The legal statement must remain. Please note that NAOC age groups for the season are based on age as of July 1st of each year, which is why the form asks for age on that particular date.

Click here for the Race Results form in Microsoft Excel format. (updated June 6, 2023). After results and required information are entered into this form (or a comparable downloaded Excel report from Race Entry/other online registration platform),email the excel file to Myron Davis at

Click here for Race Entry participant download instructions. 

Click here for Race Financial Report form.

If you are interested in organizing a race that is not on the current Race Calendar, please email race details to​.


If you have any forms, posters, flyers, etc. for the race you are directing, please either use a sharable cloud-based medium (Google Drive, facebook, etc.) to store them and send links to the webmaster, or email your files directly to the webmaster. If you have a race website or facebook page, please include those links as well. We will post info about Southeast AK running-related events, if the date does not conflict with JTRR events.

Runners: Allan Spangler and Josh Musson
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